The Art Of Glass Blowing

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The art of glass blowing has been well known around the world for many centuries. From the far middle east to the cold shores of the newly founded USA, history is full of glass blowing examples that stand out to the trained eye. From simple techniques perfected over time, to master crafting that will never again be replicated, glass blowing is something that continues to be relevant, highly collectable, and eye-catching.

In our modern world, large scale projects are much less common. Instead, small projects that allow a piece of this beautiful art to be owned privately are the order of the day. While this shift might seem like a loss for the craft, the ability to personally own such a piece of beauty is a rather modern ability. In this way, the reach of glass and the demand for trained artisans is even greater than it was previously.

One of the most interesting blown glass creations is the witches ball. This little ball, really a float for nets, used to be used in many coastal communities. Because of their ability to reflect light in different colors, they were sometimes thought to be associated with witches and spawned a good many legends. In some cities around the world these can still be seen hanging near sea themed establishments.

In the more contemporary sense, glass blowing is available in stores from the small to the large. Almost any antique mall will have an impressive collection of hand-blown glass items for the savvy shopper. Many malls and small shops will have newly made pieces, full of color, fun shapes, and often following new trends. These pieces can be fully integrated into any modern decor with ease.

One of the best things about glass is the vivid colors that can be achieved. These colors don’t fade, instead, glass from hundreds of years ago is still as vivid as it once was. Clarity has improved over the years, and with it more vivid colors have become available.

The art of glass blowing has grown steadily over the years to allow a thriving industry with a fascinating history. Owning a piece of blown glass is like owning a piece of history. This piece of history can be passed on down to descendants in a timeless fashion that makes for great new family traditions. Glass is one of the most timeless materials available today.