The Warmth of Glass

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the warmth of glass

Whilst glass to some may seem like a dust collector, to others, they create warmth, and fill the room!

Glass artists are wondrous in their designs today, transforming their gifts, for all of us to enjoy.

Art of Glass Online is particularly interested in the glass designs that double not only as wall hangings but also in candle holders and decorative pieces.

Hanging a tea light burner in your home and turning the lights off for at least one night a week, will reduce your power bill significantly.

Whilst we love the wall hanging designs, we love the candlestick glass holders too. They give a feeling of sheer elegance to the space.

Your glass candle holder is so easy to clean, using a soft cloth, wiping them every couple of weeks, to avoid dust settling.

Surely you can imagine transforming your bathroom with a few of these pieces?

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