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  • Libbey
    Choose uptown glassware; pay a downtown price. Subtle Finedge bead adds an element of upscale elegance to your cocktail service. Safedge Rim resists chipping. Cup Type: Cold; Capacity (Volume) : 8 oz; Material (s) : Glass; Color (s) : Clear.
    $57.53  from
  • Wna Inc.
    This elegant crystal-clear stemware looks just like glass. The simple, two-piece construction allows you to stack the pieces separately, conserving storage space. This stemware provides the beautiful presentation of glass in a sturdy, plastic form. They a
    $152.10  from
  • Ibuyofficesupply
    Stylish plastic tumblers are made to be sturdy. Classic, unadorned design is a sleek accompaniment to any party or catered event. Tumblers combine the elegance of glass in a more durable plastic form. Plastic tumblers provide the convenience of easy clean
    $76.96  from
  • Libbey
    A sleek, inverted-triangle design makes these modern glasses an ideal choice for enjoying any beverage on the rocks. A sturdy, thick bottom enhances durability and presentation. Glasses are treated with DuraTuff thermal processing for prolonged service.
    $43.06  from
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