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  • DA - Showtime
    Be cool, calm, and connected, just like Ray, while sipping out of your Ray Donovan Old Fashioned Rocks Glass. The 14 ounce glass has the show's logo subtly etched into the side. Bottoms up!
    $7.95  from Showtime
  • DA - Showtime
    For a taste of what it's like to be notorious bad boy Hank, start your day with a stiff drink in the Californication Handcuffs Rocks Glass. Handcuffs, brassieres, liquor on the rocks, these are a few of Hank's favorite things. Say cheers to Hank and all things lacy and racy with a drink from the Californication Handcuffs Rocks Glass!
    $7.95  from Showtime
  • DA - Warner
    The Shameless Rocks Glass is definitely not for orange juice. It's the perfect size for some cubes and a couple shots of whiskey, ideally. For glassware with a history, nothing beats the Shameless Rocks Glass.
    $8.95  from Showtime
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